"I need your love"

If I could, I would give you
the moon and the stars,
the trees and the sky.
All that I have,
and all I could buy.

But this is not what you want
You want to be friends
but you don't want my love
So I pray ev'ry night
to the heavens above.

And I say something like this,
"Dear God, I beg you,
please hear my plea.
And send that little girl
over to me."

You say you don't want to hurt me
I guess you're unaware
that you are hurting me
Why can't you realize
we were destined to be.

You don't want to lose my friendship
You think we'd break up
and you'd lose a friend
But a love such as ours
will never end.

Your friendship is a treasure
but I need your love
and I'll take a chance
on losing a friend
and finding romance.

So please think it over.
I love you more than anything
and I always will.
Even if you stop loving me,
I will love you still.

1982 rmv

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