"Internet Love"

Can you lose your heart
through the internet?
Can you fall in love
though you've never met?

with words on a screen
Caring for someone
that you've never seen

You gave me your stats
(thirty-one, female)
You sent me a pic,
scanned via email

You're so real to me
I swear to you this:
I can feel your *hug*
I can taste your *kiss*

My nights were lonely
until I found you
Now nighttime's something
I look forward to

Seeing your handle,
my heart skips a beat
I long for the day
when we really meet

I want to reach out
To hold you sometime
It isn't the same
when it's done on-line

So until then
we'll chat ev'ry night
and I'll fall asleep,
my keyboard held tight.

1997 rmv

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