Poem #19

Sometimes life can get you down
With all these people pushin' you aroun'.
They all want you to be what they want you to be.
They just don't give a damn about you an' me.
Sometimes this world can be so cold
Seems you'll never find your pot of gold.
But just keep on climbin' and you'll reach the top.
Don't look behind you and don't ever stop.
You'll meet some people before you're through
Who'll reach the top by stepping on you.
These are people who have grown hard and bitter.
It's such a waste, they're like human litter.
These are people who will try to hurt you.
They say they're your friend and then desert you.
Don't let them change the way you are.
You can be your self and get just as far.
Just take a little time during the day
To help someone else along the way.
Give some people an inch, they'll take a yard
But don't let them make you cold and hard.
Get rid of that frown, there's no need to wear it
You may be down, but just grin and bear it.
No matter how dismal your life seems
With faith and luck, you'll attain your dreams.
So take it slow, there's no need to shove.
Because you know  We all need love.
1983 rmv

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