Poem #17

When we met that day
I knew right away
My life would never be the same
You gave me a smile
And after a while
The spark of love became a flame.

Now we keep in touch.
It cheers me so much
Just to get a letter from you
I live for your letters
They make me feel better
Whenever I am sad and blue.

You star in my dreams
And strange as it seems
I think I'm really in love.
I used to be down
But since you've been around
I believe I can rise above.

We've met only once
And it's been a few months
Since I last saw your face
But the love bug has bitten me
Through the letters you've written me
And now no one can take your place.

So please be mine
For now and all time
Through sunshine and stormy weather
Just take my hand
And let me be your man
And we'll live happily ever after together.

1983 rmv

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