"I'm Gonna Love Another"

You don't answer my letters,
You rarely answer the phone.
I dream that you're here with me,
But I wake up all alone.

You've broken your promises,
And you have broken my heart.
Our love affair is over,
And it never got to start.

I told you that I loved you,
And you said you loved me too.
I foolishly believed you,
And I gave my heart to you.

I can't believe you love me,
I don't believe it anymore.
Not since you tore my heart out,
And left it shattered on the floor.

I'm trying to forget you,
Trying hard to rise above.
I'm gonna pick my heart up
And find someone else to love.

I know it won't be easy,
But it's something I must do.
I'm gonna love another,
Even though I still love you.

1983 rmv

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