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Pictures of me. Why you'd want to see 'em, I don't know...

That's really me!: Only 20 years young
My good side *G*: That's the end!
Me with a 49er cheerleader: With the 5 Superbowl trophies behind us
In front of the old bachelor pad: August '97
Me at former job: Taken by my friend, w/ digital camera
A close-up of me: From Christmas 1996
A current close-up: Summer '99
Me in my old-time Giants hat: Father's Day '99
Me with a cat on me: That's Frankie, the cat.
Me at Pac Bell Park: March 2000
Me on Halloween: October 1999

Want to get your own pair of Vans shoes? (Like I'm wearing in one of the photos).
Call these guys:
Jean Ridge 888-739-8347
Great service!

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