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The Royal List of Links

The Official Simpsons Page
Better than the the Simpsons page here previously.
The Chathouse™
A great place to chat.
They'll email you with fares to your selected destinations. Free!
The Love Calculator
How well do you match up with your honey?
Joe's Love & Compatability Test
Test how well you match up with that special someone.
WebTV™ Help Pages
My list of helpful WebTV links
Nikki's Recycled Diskette Present Collection
Wondering what to do all those AOL discs?
The Fart Page
My son loves this page!
Punch George W. Bush!
Great fun!
International Lyrics Server
Lyrics to thousands of songs!
Tests, tests, tests
Loads of interactive tests!
The E-mail Facts Of Life
By Columnist Jon Carroll
Stick Figure Death Theatre
Sick, but simple humor
Ordering Pizza
Funny...unless you work for a pizza place
Capt. James T. Kirk Sing-A-Long Page
You'll almost feel sorry for him...
Seven Degrees Of Kevin Bacon Game
Fun. Amusing. Time-killing.
Find The Spam
Mindless fun
My page of links that can help save lives
Alanis Morissette Lyrics Server
You, too, can write depressing, angry songs

Opus says, "Check out the new link page!"

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