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Kyle (2) and Ian (6): Ian and my friend's son (Oct.'97)
April & Ian: In front of my neighbor's yard
Me and April: When she was born
April and me: At a Giants game
Ian's '98 school photo: What a stylish kid
Ian when he was younger: Trying to eat ice cream...
Me, April, and my nieces (Erica & Debra): Guess where
Ian again: Grinning, as usual
April at a Giants game: ...With a friend...
Ian with my Dad: Grandpa really loved my kids
Ian on the beach: Acting silly, as usual
Me & Ian: At Pixie Playland in Concord
April: That better be soda!.
April on the beach: The shirt says it all!
April : On the beach
April & Ian: At a Giants game
Ian & April: On the beach
April & Ian: At Candlestick Park
Ian in his "All-Star" shirt: My friend & I made it for him
Ian on the slide: Look out below!
A new pic of April: Taken by Michelle
Ian and me: Ian's "Mr. T" look.
Ian, me... :and the Easter Seal?
Ian's 1st grade photo:Ready to shoot some hoops
April and Vida Blue:Feb. '99
Ian as Dracula:Halloween '99
April, Gothic Look:Halloween '99

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