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Homepages of my friends

Dawn Marie's Living Room
The homepage of my very first cyber-friend.
Mystic Lady's World
A very nice page, by a very nice friend.
Lost In Space With Falling Star
An awesome homepage, by a very good friend.
Darkness' Domain
A cool site, by a friend of mine.
Rylie and Lyot's homepage
True long-distance lovers.
She-wolf's Lair
(with links to Wicked Kitty and Dark Angel's pages)
Dagger's Page
My friend Dagger's cool page

I don't know these people too well, but they have some cool home pages.

§nowW's Homepage
A pretty cool page. Kinda silly. :-)
Angela's Page of Stuff
She's only 14, but this is a great page!
Slave Girl (KajiraMira)
Very strange, but interesting. No kids, please.
All About Mikki
This is a great page! Check it out!
Kimmy Kat's Home Page
A cool page, with links to many more HP's.
Check out the cool poem on this page.
Sweet Dusk -n- Lunatic Fringe
Nice page by a couple that met on the net, and got married!
§weet§cent's Olfactory Retreat
A great page, with cool links.

Please check out these:

Wish4Chris: A very special homepage.
A Poem About Friendship: (Author Unknown)

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