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Ramon's Giants Store

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Cable Car Pin

Skyline Pin

Pac Bell Park April 2000 Pin

1987 World Series Charm

1987 World Series Pin

Pac Bell Park Fotoball

Opening Day Ticket Pin

Inaugural Series Pin

Year 2000 Patch Willie Mays Plaza Dedication Ball 3/31/00

Many other items are available. Please don't hesitate to ask if you don't see what you want. Keep in mind that I try only to stock items that are easy to mail. Pins, patches, stickers, keychains, jewelry, etc.


Cable Car Pin, Pac Bell Park April 2000 Pin, Skyline Pin- $12.00 for the 1st, $8.00 each for extras.

Inaugural Series Pin - $12.00 for the 1st, $10.00 each for extras

Opening Day Ticket Pin - $17.00, $12.00 each for extras

1987 (or is it 1978?) World Series Pin or Charm - $20.00 each, $10.00 each for extras .

Year 2000 Patch - $17.50, $15.00 each for extras.

Fotoballs - $14.00 each, $11.00 each for extras.
Others available, including Opening Day, Splash Logo, logo ball, Lou Seal Ball, etc.

Willie Mays ball is $24.00, $15.00 each for extras.

All prices include tax and USPS Priority mail shipping.

Order one of any item, get the lower price on any second item of equal or lesser value. ie; you don't have to buy 2 of the same pin to get the "extras" price on the second one. You can mix and match.

I accept Paypal , which gets your purchase to you faster.
Or I also take checks, money orders, and cashier's checks.


email me
with any questions.
Some items are in limited supply. Please email me before you send me any money!

San Mateo, CA
United States