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Giants Memories

Going Away Party

Now that the Giants have played their final game at the ballpark formerly known as Candlestick, I thought I'd share some of my favorite memories from games I've attended over the years.

Joe Morgan's 3-run HR off Terry Forster in the final game of the 1982 season. The Giants won. The Dodgers were eliminated.

Willie McCovey's last home game.

The Giants double-header sweep of the Reds in August of '87, which got S.F. back in the race. (My 2-year-old daughter slept through it all).

Jeffrey Leonard... One flap down.

Atlee Hammaker's 5th inning strike-out of Jack Clark in the '87 play-offs. The crowd was on it's feet.

Tom Browning of the Reds fouling a pitch into his face, then getting stitches in his mouth while sprawled out at home plate, and finishing his at bat. (If I remember right, he even got a hit!)

Rick "Big Daddy" Reuschel striking out Jack Clark 5 times in 1 game.

Ernest Riles hitting the franchise's 10,000th HR into the upper deck, in a 21-2 rout of St. Louis.

Will Clark's 1st career grand slam. It landed 2 rows behind me.

Matt Williams' HR in the '89 NLCS, after fouling off pitch after pitch.

Games 3-5 of the '89 NLCS. Clark, Williams, Thompson, Mitchell, Bedrosian... How sweet it was!

The Cubs' Mark Grace in the '89 NLCS. He gave it his all.

10/17/89. 5:04pm. The Quake.

Robby Thompson's game-winning, 2-out, 9th-inning HR vs. Florida in '93. Barry Bonds carried him from the plate to the dugout. It sure looked like we had the division won...

Scott Garrelts' near no-hitter vs. the Reds. Broken up by Paul O'Neil with a 2-out single in the 9th.

The Giants "final game" at Candlestick. Before Walter Shorenstein, Peter Magowan, and friends stepped up and saved them from moving to Florida.

Barry Bonds' 1st HR as a Giant, in his 1st game as a Giant.

Winning a jetski on Fan Appreciation Day!

Bonds' 1st inning, 2-run HR vs, L.A. on 9/17/97.

Clinching the division title in '97.

Finally catching a foul ball during a game. (Off the bat of Rich Aurilia).

Matt Williams' Babe Ruth impersonation, on "Turn Back the Clock" day.

Mike Schmidt's last game. I was one of the few fans not booing him.

The Giants Juke Box.

Messages in the left field upper reserved seats, created by seats being put up or down.

Bobby McFerrin's National Anthem.

Giant cookies. mmm!

Tommy Lasorda blowing kisses to the fans

Darryl Strawberry's HR off Bill Swift that landed in the upper reserve seats in right, at least 460 feet away.

Uribe to Thompson to Clark.

Will Clark's hit off Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams in the '89 NLCS.

Finally getting a home run ball...and throwing it back! It was hit by Todd Hundley of the Dodgers, on 6/25/99.

St. Louis right fielder Darren Bragg's full-speed run and head-long tumbling catch over the short fence down the right field line on 7/26/99. He lay motionless for several minutes, but held onto the ball, and took his position.

The Great Wallenda's tight-rope walk from foul pole to foul pole, between games of a double-header.

"To me, it was the greatest stadium in the world, because the Giants played there."

-Dave Righetti, former Giants pitcher, current Giants pitching coach, and Bay Area native.

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