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spinning knight

Hi! I'm Ramon. Here's my story... I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA., then spent 17 years in Concord, CA, home of the world famous Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. (Also home of the infamous WaterWorld waterslide park.) I then moved to San Mateo, CA, with my wife and son. I am a very big fan of the S.F. Giants. I am also a 49ers fan. I'm a Warriors fan when they're good, which isn't very often. I love all kinds of music. I have a large album and cd collection, one of the largest SF Giants pin collections anywhere, and a huge comic book collection.

For pics of me and my family, follow the links...

Pictures of me
Compliments gladly accepted *L*
Pictures of my kids
Aren't they beautiful? *S*
My sister, brothers, Mom, Dad, & grandparents
(Some with me & the kids)
Pictures of Michelle
My wife
Pictures of our pets
Sammy, Frankie, Gus, and the dear departed Dino

pizza "The mind is the pizza palace of the soul" pizza


Note: The Nov. '98 issue of Ladies Home Journal names San Francisco as the most romantic city in the U.S. ...Surprisingly enough, Concord is ranked third. Hard to believe, especially since I don't live there anymore...

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