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Giants Among Us

My picks for the best Giants of the last 20 years:

1st Base: Willie McCovey. Closely followed by Will Clark. Honorable mention: J.T. Snow.

2nd Base: Joe Morgan. He wasn't with the Giants long, but he's one of my favorite players of all time. Runner-up: Robby Thompson. Honorable mention: Jeff Kent.

3rd Base: Matt Williams. Runners-up: Kevin Mitchell and Darrell Evans.

SS: Johnnie LeMaster. Yes, he does have a fan. Runners-up: Jose Uribe and Chris Speier.

Catcher: No stand-outs. I'll go with Kirt Manwaring, for his defensive skills. Honorable mentions: Johnson, Brenly, Carter, Decker, May.

Left Field: Barry Bonds. Honorable mentions: Kevin Mitchell, Jeff Leonard.

Center Field: I hate to say it, but... Brett Butler. Closely followed by Darryl Hamilton. Honorable mention: Darren Lewis.

Right Field: Willie McGee. Candy Maldonado is about the only other one worth mentioning.

Pitchers: Hard one. How about Bill Swift and Kirk Reuter?

Relief Pitcher: Lots of good ones: I'll go with Nen. Closely followed by Beck, Minton, Lavelle, and Bedrosian.

Manager: Dusty Baker. Runner-up: Roger Craig.

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