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We all make our share of mistakes in life.
We all play the part of the fool, now and then.
Sometimes, we say & do things that we shouldn't.
We find ourselves someplace we shouldn't have been.

We spend our lives wishing for things we can't have.
We wish what we do have was better, somehow.
We schedule our lives a few weeks in advance,
And complain when there's nothing happening "now"!

We rush through our days to prepare for our evenings
We find entertainment wherever we can.
Sometimes, we run out of things to amuse us
So, we find ourselves sitting at home with no plans.

And, life gets to be a real bitch to live with.
Sometimes, we don't feel like living at all.
But most of us seem to get back on our feet-
After making mistakes, or taking a fall.

I guess it's not all bad, but there are those days-
When everything seems to go wrong.
So, if you'll pardon my complaining, I'm really very happy
It's just that sometimes I get down & out,
it won't last long!

'Cause I know I've made my share of mistakes,
And I've played the part of the fool, now & then,
But when I fall down, I pick myself up,
And dust myself off & start over again!!

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